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For the past 45 years the Kentucky Restaurant Association has been hosting the ORIGINAL taste event in Louisville.  Legendary chefs, amazing food selections, libations galore, and years and years of fantastic memories.  In addition to the food fun, drinking delights the Taste of Louisville has raised significant funds for the nonprofit community.  Over 25 different organizations and over $250,000 has been raised through the event.  It is staple food event in Louisville.    


2019 is no different, and the food and drink landscape of Louisville continues to grow.  Taste of Louisville remains the premier event in the culinary community. Come enjoy the best of Louisville’s culinary community –eat, drink and be merry.  The Taste of Louisville is a celebration of our community of great food, great people, and great chefs.  


This year our nonprofit partners are three amazing charities this year, Crusade for Children, Gilda’s Club and Mulligan’s.  


                                           Our Mission: The WHAS Crusade for Children makes life better for                                                  children with special needs by inspiring generosity with                                                                      our community partners.        

                                          Gilda Radner once said, “Having cancer gave me membership in an                                               elite club I would rather not belong to.”While many people can relate                                             to this statement – whether they have been diagnosed with cancer or                                             have someone close to them who has – there is a club and a                                                             community in Kentuckiana that they can be happyto join.

                                          Mulligans Living Kidney Donors is a volunteer organization located in                                             Louisville, Kentucky providing mentoring and support for patients with                                           end-stage kidney failure who are in the process of finding a living                                                     kidney donor. 

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about kentucky restaurant association

The Kentucky Restaurant Association, Louisville Chapter has been putting together a collection of Louisville’s finest restaurants and chefs for 43 years! Louisville has been voted one of the top “foodie” cities in the U.S. full of locally owned and operated restaurants. From traditional to eclectic, you can find just about any style of restaurant or eatery in Louisville! Whether you are craving sweet or savory, there is a place to match your taste! The Taste of Louisville will allow you to enjoy a sample from each amazing vendor. You may discover your new favorite entrée, dessert or beverage as you explore the event. Come taste Louisville with us!